LocalSearchForDentists.com Podcast Episode #2: Talks About How A Lil’ Shift In Mindset Equals More Profit In Your Practice

  • Graig Presti Talks About How A Lil’ Shift In Mindset Equals More Profit For Your Practice
  • How “negative” staff can drain the life right out of a practice and kill it.
  • What you can learn NOT to do from a $300 /meal Steak house.
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LocalSearchForDentists.com Podcast Episode #3: Dr. Mike Marasco Shares His Secret Reactivation & Referral System

  • This episode features Dr. Mike Marasco who gave away his secret on THE “one thing” you can do to increase referrals dramatically in the next 7 days!
  • How to NOT come across as desperate when asking for referrals
  • How to breath air back into “inactive” patients that you thought were dead and gone.
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LocalSearchForDentists.com Podcast Episode #1- Dr. Eric Compton Reveals How He Achieved 22% Practice Growth

  • Dr. Compton Reveals how “non dental” marketers and coaches have helped him achieve his best year EVER!
  • How he grew 22% NOT TAKING ANY insurance, all fee for service work!
  • Graig Presti Talks Dental Marketing Online, And “the first thing a patient does” method.
  • Graig’s Company www.LocalSearchForDentists.com